Web Design

Our core job is providing a quality web-solution. Web sites generally give an appearance that resembles the graphical user interfaces (GUI), where the site visitor can easily find the desired information at right click and make a prefect impression.And the functionality of the website is also an important factor.
We are using standard web technologines like, XHTML, CSS2, Javascript, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Ms Access, Ms SQL and MySQL.

And we are updating our self with new technologies and we make our site as simple as possible to compitable with various common browsers(such as Ms-IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and NetscapeNavigator).

Lowest price, now anyone can afford a website !
Web pages Up to five pages Six to ten pages Additional Page
Simple Webpage
INR.1000/- INR.2000/- INR.300/-
Semi Dynamic Webpage
(only server side scripting and Web 2.0)
INR.2000/- INR.2500/- INR.500/-
Dynamic Webpage
(Server side scripting, database and Web 2.0)
Price depend on the clients requirement
*Condition apply: Desiging price depend on client's requirements.

Thukje Design's web design process

thukje design : webdesign process
1.In the beginning, we start our work with meeting the clients (face-to-face, online or phone call). The discussion will focus on the website design, like nature of business, purpose of the site and other related informations.
2.Second phase is the collection of content to be put in webiste, photos and other informations.
3.Planning includes the sketching of the website and functionality applications. This is the most important and creative part of the work.
4.Real work starts with the designing which includes proper layout, fonts, font size and coloring. Here color managent is a vital task. And also adding scripting languages, programming and connection with database (if required).
5.After designing, we will test the site in local server with different browser and resolutions. If errors arise, we rectify and send to test again.
6.The completed website will be sent to the client for his approval.
7.After clients approval, the website will be published in the World Wide Web.


Thukje Design's  Offer !

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